LAMDA classes at Pipistrelle

Pipistrelle will provide LAMDA coaching as soon as exams are allowed again (re COVID19)

If there are enough pupils interested, there’ll be a LAMDA jury coming to Antwerp to take the exams. 
Otherwise the exams will be held at the Umbrella Factory in Brussels, together with the EYT.

We are committed to suiting the discipline and the grade of the exam to the needs and best interests of the candidate. We are also committed to working with the students to give them the necessary support both on their LAMDA performance and also in preparing for the brief theoretical section that comes at the end of the exam. Of course, the candidate themselves has to learn the lines, use the knowledge guidance as just that – GUIDANCE – and work from that base to a full understanding of the questions that will come their way.

What Exams will Pipistrelle offer?

We will be offering coaching in the following disciplines:

  • Acting: Developing a strong speaking voice and good memory skills by learning and performing monologues and duologues.
  • Devising Drama: Developing creativity by exploring ideas and themes, and realising them through devised dramatic performances.
  • Mime: Gaining an understanding of non-verbal communication by exploring body language and facial expression, and putting it into a dramatic performance.
  • Reciting Verse and Prose: Developing a strong speaking voice and memory skills.

Sessions will be partially online and partially life.