As of February Pipistrelle will provide LAMDA courses on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Anyone interested is welcome to join.
All students interested will be given a solo or duo rehearsal slot on Wednesday and/or Saturday.

If there are enough pupils interested, there’ll be a LAMDA jury coming to Antwerp after the Easter Holidays to take the exams.¬†
Otherwise the exams will be held in Brussels, together with the EYT.
If you’re interested, please let us know!

As a rule of thumb, we suggest that anyone doing their first LAMDA exam (including adults) should start no higher than Grade 6, and that only if they are absolutely confident that they will be able to cope.

Over the years and depending on what age students have started, they may find themselves out of sync with the age/grade table. That is not a problem. However it can also be an idea to move sideways for a year, and to do a different discipline. For example, if a student has already done Grade 2 Verse and Prose, but will not be 10 until after the exam, it can be a very good idea to do another Grade 2 exam in, say, Mime. Indeed it is a good idea for students who are looking at the long haul in LAMDA to do as many of the core disciplines as they can through the earlier grades, as each subject concentrates on a different set of performance skills.

Ideally we will have the list of grades and disciplines completed in time to be sent of to LAMDA for initial registration in mid-February, so it would be a good idea if students were already thinking about what they might want to do.