Soetkin’s passion for theatre and film started at a very young age. Her first professional experience on the stage was in the Ensemble of the Studio 100 production Daens the musical in 2008-2009. Afterwords she joined KT Volharding where she became monitor of the Youth Theatre group in 2010. In 2011 she joined Theatre Asjemenu as drama teacher.

After getting a Masters degree in Theatre and filmstudies  at the University of Antwerp she went to Maastricht to join in the preparation year of Drama Teacher and director at the Drama academy.

Completely bitten by the drama bug, she took numerous drama, improvisation and performance classes over the years and taught various drama classes and workshops.

After being on stage for nearly a decade Soetkin tried her first hand at directing in 2015 with a school production of ‘Frankenstein’, which was a phenomenal experience.  She’s been been directing yearly ever since, with the last three BATS Pantomimes as a result.